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so it begins

2010-08-20 13:33:28 by Pmiller

I've done my first freestyle. I know it seemed like i just left new that is not the case friends. I've simply been recording and putting nothing on the interwebs. HOwever this will soon end, as i am returning to illaelphia. So look forward to new things soon. As far as cooler things go. Me and Shaggy got something in the works, :oohhhyaaah


2010-06-16 08:30:14 by Pmiller

A new track, again with Shaggy on the beats, its called Horny, really a fun track. I gotta ask a question, why are all my scores so low after only 6 votes, I mean I think i'm doin pretty good.? Need some criticism here on what i should change.

New Jam

2010-06-11 13:30:02 by Pmiller

Quick everyone!, theres a new jam!, funkified by the funk doctor himself, Shaggyhaired, and yours truly, the villainous Check his stuff out. Everything in his repertoire is nothing less than gold, and I knew King midas! yeah check it out. haha


2010-05-03 10:54:39 by Pmiller

Well good news everybody. Two of my songs finally got uploaded. Check em out!, I'm gonna be bombarding this website with new stuff now in the next few weeks.... Well maybe not actually, because I have critiques and finals, but if I have time, you bet!


hello new addiction...

2010-04-25 12:28:00 by Pmiller

i got the sc II (starcraft 2 beta). and I now have a new addiction. I spent almost all of yesterday playing when I should have been recording. Please forgive me :*(

Still waiting...

2010-04-14 23:33:17 by Pmiller

Still waiting for two songs of mine to get approved. I hope it happens soon.
In the meantime I did mention that I was a beatboxer, heres a link to me beatboxing at my school's open mic nightbeat box

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